The Moccasin Manager®

This Workshop is one day in duration and focuses on the challenges of managing our people, how to approach those challenges and how to ensure we are working towards having a High Performing Team. 

Our Workshop Description

Our Moccasin Manager and our Moccasin Approach help people understand all the challenges and how to bring about positive change. Word of warning… This is not some magic solution which will change things overnight. If your organisation is committed to making changes for the better, it will need commitment, effort, proactive teamwork, measurement, responsibility, and accountability. 

In this workshop, your managers will share their management challenges, concerns, worries and hopes. Collectively, we will show how using our approaches helps everyone realise what needs to be done and discuss ways to bring them about. Furthermore, we ask that people commit to making these changes happen after our workshop by planning informal catch-ups to discuss how things are going. 

“Some” of our Typical Content 

(All our workshops can be adapted to meet your organisational requirements)

  • What is Emotional Intelligence?
  • Why MUST we ALL use it in work (and personal life too)? 
  • What is our Moccasin Approach® and how does it link to EI, work, and relationships?
  • What is Empathy, and why do we split it into three different types? 
  • EI and Assertiveness and why we must be firm and fair but still use empathy. 
  • Balancing our needs, Team needs, EI and Organisational needs. 
  • The challenges of using EI and why ALL of us must be Authentic. 
  • How the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy works for (or against) EI. 
  • What is our ES2, and why is it SO crucial for ALL our Teams and the organisation as a whole?
  • Create your own Core Management Principles (CMPs) blessed on our logic-driven CMP approach.   

Who Should Attend and Why?

Who? - This is for any level of Manager or Leader (regardless of hierarchical position) and those expected to step into managerial or leadership roles in the next 12 to 18 months.   

Why? - From our experience, most new managers and leaders are rarely given proper management or leadership training before their first appointment. If you think about it, this is inviting problems! How can you expect someone to step up from being one of the team to managing the team (or another team) without proper training? 

Very few organisations do this, but those that continue to do it annually say it is producing benefits and helping everything work smoothly. They would not continue to run these programmes with us if it were not. 

When asked why they have these programmes annually, they mostly say it gives prospective Managers and Leaders the understanding of how to deal with people and understand how everyone else will be managing and leading their people too. They also want them to have time to practice the skills before they take up their new positions. 

Managers need to know how to manage people, which means understanding how people are different, how they want to be treated, and how they do not want to be treated. This may seem common sense until you bring in the organisation's culture. I am not talking about the values and culture that are “said” to exist, but the real lived culture and, dare I suggest, the lack of lived values, not to mention the political football played daily that interferes with sound management principles. 

Our Delivery Options

When you consider the content we deliver, we are sure you will understand why we always prefer to deliver our workshops, courses and programmes face-to-face.

Face-to-face workshops and courses can be held at a location of your choice or, if you wish, a central UK location, at the Macdonald Burlington Hotel in Birmingham, located directly across from the Birmingham New Street train station. 

We can deliver our workshops, courses and programmes online, although this will mean splitting elements into manageable learning events to suit the online environment. 

All Expenses

ALL our expenses are included in our daily rate, so will be no other charges applied (unless additional add-ons are required, such as catch-up sessions when someone misses a workshop).   

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