“Interactive” Presentation Skills

This Workshop has various durations (1, 2, and 3-day). 

The 1-day is for experienced presenters to adapt to our interactive facilitation methodology. 

The 2-day is to cater to those who wish to learn some basic skills, our interactive methodology, and have their mini-presentations with HD recordings for participants to use for personal development.

The 3-day is for those who need the basic skills and our interactive methodology. Then, on the third day (a week later), deliver their full presentations with HD recordings for the organisation to use/publish as they wish. 

Our Workshop Description

Most of us will have experienced the death by PowerPoint presentation where the presenter, with the best of intentions, is putting up slide after slide which they read to the audience who is already reading them.

We argue that it is not so much the presenter's fault but the fault of most people's idea of what a presentation should look like. We are here to change that. 

If you ask most people how they learned to deliver a presentation, it was through their boss or a colleague and not in a more educational setting such as one of our sessions. 

Ask yourself… “What do I want this presentation to do”? Is it to inform, persuade, sell a product or service, or sell impending change to our people? Whatever it is, we help you design and plan your presentation to meet that need to attain the ideal result. 

We discuss the neuroscience behind our fickle brains and help you understand how to take advantage of that to truly engage your audience and make them do the thinking and reasoning. 

We help you design activities and even tests (I know it sounds odd, doesn’t it) to help the people in your audience understand why what you are saying is so important.  

When the audience members walk out after your presentation, what do you want them to be talking about or going back to their offices to do? We help your people plan their presentations so that their attendees leave with a need to take action. 

Looking at our image on the top right, you will see our “Engagement Model”. We believe presentations are all about engaging the people whose attention you have right from the start but can quickly lose if you don’t get it right. 

“Some” of our Typical Content 

(All our workshops can be adapted to meet your organisational requirements)

  • What do we use presentations for?
  • What makes an excellent presenter and an excellent presentation?
  • The “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of presenting.
  • Neuroscience, presentations and Sat Nav Presenters!
  • DDCRAPS session Lecture vs interactive session Engagement.
  • Planning a presentation and what to consider.
  • Using the right question techniques in the right way. 
  • Our catchphrase game.
  • Planning your presentation using our Professional Presentation Planning guide. 

Who Should Attend and Why?

Who? - This is for anyone who is expected to deliver a presentation to anyone. It is for those planning to become a Team Leader or Manager. It is even for consultancy work to help your consultants design their pitch interactively and engagingly so that their prospective clients are interested and want to know more.   

Why? - When we are tasked or we task an individual to deliver a presentation, there is always a goal. Think about this for a moment; you wouldn’t go on holiday without packing everything you need, planning the route/journey, taking things to occupy those who may get distracted, and having a good idea of what everyone should be doing when they get there. So, in your presentation; make sure you have everything you (and they) need, plan the time you have for your presentation with room to spare, have tools and activities to engage your audience and keep them off their phones, and even plan what they will be doing and talking about when they leave. 

Presentations are all about the 7 Ps. “Prior Preparation and Planning Prevents Particularly Poor Performance”. 

Our Delivery Options

When you consider the content we deliver, we are sure you will understand why we always prefer to deliver our workshops, courses and programmes face-to-face.

Face-to-face workshops and courses can be held at a location of your choice or, if you wish, a central UK location, at the Macdonald Burlington Hotel in Birmingham, located directly across from the Birmingham New Street train station. 

We can deliver our workshops, courses and programmes online, although this will mean splitting elements into manageable learning events to suit the online environment. 

All Expenses

ALL our expenses are included in our daily rate, so will be no other charges applied (unless additional add-ons are required, such as catch-up sessions when someone misses a workshop).