Our organisation is Learning and Performance Development Solutions Ltd, (LaPD Solutions) and we are based in Birmingham (UK). We offer various solutions in the area of people development to improve employee engagement and improve their performance. 

Our flagship service, the Moccasin ApproachTM, which includes our Moccasin ManagerTM, is an Emotional Intelligence based programme which can be tailored to any organisation regardless of size, type or industry. If the phrase Emotional Intelligence (EI) is new to you, our definition of EI is: 

“To intelligently manage our own and others emotions by understanding the triggers for the emotions, and through this developing the best possible relationships.” 

Why the word “Moccasin”?

We know that for people to communicate and work together in the most efficient and effective way, we need to understand how the other person feels, but from the other person’s viewpoint, not from that of us the observer. The only way we can do this is by walking in their shoes, knowing their world. The well-known phrase of walking a mile in someone else’s moccasins is often attributed to native American tribes. In fact, it comes from a poem called “Judge Softly” written in 1895 by Mary T Lathrap. That is why we use Moccasin.  

Who is the Moccasin Approach designed for? 

It is for all employees regardless of their role or position. We are at times unconscious leaders and managers. Some people inspire/lead others to do their best just through the example they offer from their own work ethic and desire to do a good job. As you read this blog right now, think of people in your workplace whom you admire, they will not all be leaders or managers. What is it about them that causes you to admire, respect and even model aspects of how you behave on their behaviour? Often you will find they connect with you, they care, they listen and they want to know “you”, what makes you tick in both positive and negative ways. Empathy is one of the most important ingredients of a Moccasin Manager. 

What benefits has the Moccasin Approach brought to people and to organisations?

Just some of the benefits our programmes have helped bring about:

  • Changed how people communicate
  • Improved team relationships and outputs
  • Increased sales through better collaborative working
  • Improved inter team/department working relationships
  • Reduced error rates and wastage through improved communications
  • Improved manager/leader relationships and increased retention rates
  • Changed culture through a behavioural based performance programme
  • Helped recruit great employees through an EI based recruitment process  
  • Helped with mental health awareness through the Social Awareness aspect
  • Improved workplace moral and reduced stress at work through empathic management

Do you want what our programmes deliver at the best possible rate?

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