SAS Feedback

The art of “Facilitating” feedback 

When we “give” feedback to people we are almost stepping off on the wrong foot! At LaPD Solutions, we believe that feedback should be a discovery style event which facilitates rather than gives the feedback. We promote this method to encourage thinking, reasoning and the development of solutions. 

With regard to Performance Management (what we call Personal Career Development), we believe that one to one discussions should be of a relaxed and informal style using questions to facilitate understanding, reasoning, impacts (or possible impacts) and then the thought through solutions and benefits of those solutions and continuous monitoring. 

When giving feedback we should always start with something positive, then move onto areas for development, the solutions to them and then finish on another positive note. 

You may wish/need to keep records of one to one discussions and reviews. This is useful to show each person’s development and achievements to date. You can also set new action points and target dates, recording this makes it clear what has been achieved and what still needs to be done.

The SAS method of giving feedback is shown below:

We should also welcome feedback from our peers and those with many years of experience, so we can build our own skills as the person responsible for feedback being useful. Add tools to our invisible toolbox and become a more rounded and experienced employee and colleague able to adapt our style to suits those we work with. 

It is our duty of care to offer and receive feedback in an adult, supportive and caring way. The value of regular feedback will keep us focussed on areas for development, allow us to build on our strengths and to listen to opinion and new ideas from all those around us.

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