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James Ockenden _________________

The Train the Trainer training I received from the company was engaging and structured. The tools and techniques for learning were a nice mix of interactive sessions . The Train the Trainer course has brought structure to any future training .

Shams W.Pawel ______________________

A really focused and enjoyable training session.After not knowing anything about the subject topic beforehand, the trainer taught the course in a way to upskill me for the final assessment. It was an amazing experience through out.

Ayshah M _________________

A wonderful experience awaits those who truly want results BUT are willing to listen. LaPD is truly remarkable and after a year we can and feel the difference in how we communicate and interact. Thank personal coaching sessions too,

    Bram Bakker _____________________

    Macs passion for what he does is so much in each session and his ability to hold attention through stories and his own experiences bring sessions to life a lot. It was a great experience and will definitely recommend it.

    Rankit Kaur ___________________

    Just a note to say what an awesome team at LaPD Solutions. During all this C-19 mayhem they have been a lifeline to unload on and gain some fresh outlooks on the world in chaos.and for the wonderful chats. HIGHLY recommended to anyone in any industry

    Julia Robinson __________________________

    Lapd is a wonderful organisation and I found it really helpful for me and my team. Macs passionate in each session and his own experiences bring sessions to life a lot.He also gives never ending support to those who attend his sessions

      Rebecca ford _____________________

      An excellent service, engagingly facilitated and highly professional and yet full of fun. Loved the interactive and discussion based approach. Quite alarming to discover how woeful our culture truly was, but so motivated when we saw how we could all play our part in improving it.

      Steph Sanderson _______________________________

      I have been fortunate enough to receive 18 months of personal coaching from LaPD and it was so different to anything else I have tried, and I tried many others. I found this a unique approach from the very first session. I was placed firmly in charge and had to be accountable. Challenging yes! But wow it got me going to where I needed to be. Thank you.

      Jenna Anderson __________________________

      Everything has been based on Emotional Intelligence and just works! We also love that Mac helps each person realise how they have changed their performance in work from what the workshops and courses discussed. Can't wait to see how 2020 brings more development and strengths for our people.

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