Personal Branding

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We all need to consider our personal brand for ourselves, colleagues, and clients. Regardless of our industry, job or whatever else separates us, we already have a personal brand. But what we may not know is what that brand looks like through the eyes of others and how does that make them feel towards us?

Improving our brand will bring better opportunities. Whether you are in full-time employment, have been with the same company for years, or are just open to any options on the horizon, a personal brand can open doors for you. But watch out, as a poor one can keep them closed too!

Imagine that your manager is looking for a Team Leader from your team. All the people seem good possibilities, but you stood out as you were spoken well of by your colleagues, you have great reviews from clients, and you are spoken well of by other Team Leaders and Managers. “That” is your Personal Brand, and it advertises you as others see you, so if your brand shouts excellent things, that’s perfect. If not, then make changes now.

Like it or not, what others say about us is what carries and announces our brand, good or bad. Despite what we may believe, what others think and say matters to our brand and not so much what we believe. The difference between what we “think” others think of us and what they genuinely think of us could differ significantly. If in doubt, check this out.

By building a great personal brand, you’re showing people that you aren’t just mindlessly doing a job and hiding behind some title of Manager or Leader. You’re showing that you’re passionate about something and actively making yourself the best you can be. You are not content with good enough but always seek the best possible. You are known for that. You communicate well and with empathy and will help others. Your relationships are built on well-earned trust and consistency. To everyone on the team and beyond, you are a spreader of positivity and have a can-do attitude. 

A personal brand shows that you’re confident enough to demonstrate your knowledge to colleagues, letting people connect with you in a way that they otherwise couldn’t.

To create a cohesive and authentic personal brand, you need to focus on how you want people to perceive you. Although figuring out who you are as a ‘brand’ might seem inauthentic, you could think of it in the same way you might adjust your clothes to suit different situations. When you want to be seen as more professional, you’ll dress in something more formal, and you may speak in a more formal or authoritative tone. This is you flexing your brand to suit the people and the situation.

So, think about some questions. What is the core of my offering to my colleagues and clients? What makes me unique and shows me in a great light? What are my strengths? Do I have a distinct style? How would those who might promote me want to see me? What do others say now that I need to change? Who can help me do this? How will I know I’m getting there?

Knowing the answers to these questions (and more) and creating strategies to express “You” creates consistency and makes it easier to build strong relationships with colleagues and clients alike.

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