Short video clips of Mac being interviewed about our programme 

Full interview by Amantha King of Amantha King Coaching asking Mac about what makes him tick and what he does at LaPD Solutions (40 mins)

The following video clips were recorded during the US online show called eLearnChat.

The show is hosted by Rick Zanotti of Relate and Lesley Price from Learn Appeal. 

I was interviewed on a couple of occasions and enjoyed it, so thank you both.

What got you involved in the area of EI?

Why haven’t we seen EI in L&D so much?

Some of our ingredients of EI

It’s all about “Performance”

“Blockers” and “Saboteurs”

How can the MA help remote teams?

How powerful is caring in EI?

How we came up with “Moccasin Approach”?

Does EI tie in with Reflective Practice?

How does the MA fit into an organisation?

Organisational honesty and authenticity

The Moccasin Approach is NOT one size fits all

We ALL need empathy - we all manage + lead

How does the MA help?

Do we offer online solutions?