FLOW - Our Charitable Partner

If you would like professional, interactive and engaging development events from LaPD Solutions at a greatly reduced rate and help a wonderful charitable cause at the same time, please contact us to discuss how we can help you, and you help a great cause too. 

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To contact us please click here to email Sophie or feel free to contact Mac on 03335771455 

or call him directly on 07968865007 to ask any questions you may have.

‍FLOW is the Forces Literary Organisation Worldwide. FLOW is an international charitable organisation whose Patron is Dame Vera Lynn (DBE) and it is focused on helping anyone affected by war. It is currently in the process of becoming a registered charity and our application is hoped to be approved by the end of April 2020. Our 4 websites are all currently being redesigned and brought into the one website, launching by the end of January 2020.  

‍We offer assistance to anyone by accepting poems, stories, letter etc in electronic form only. People can write about their true feelings and emotions and do not have to use their real names. Spelling and grammar is not important in this context and we accept all submissions as long as they do not attack others and they do not offer offence to others. (No racism, sexism etc).  

‍We accept all types of electronic documents or you can just pop your poem/story into the email you are sending us as an attachment or in the email itself. Sadly we can not accept poems/stories as images as we would then have to type out every submission and we do not have the resources for that. Our aim is to have your poem on our website within 48 hours of its arrival, but we can’t guarantee this. 

‍Please feel free to email your poems/stories/letters etc to post@flowforall.org and they will be published on our new website once it is up and running. 

‍Please note, by submitting your writing you are giving us permission to publish it on our website and in our books when we publish them to generate funding for all we do.