A selection of questions that we often get asked. 

Moccasin Approach™ & Moccasin Manager™

What are the key benefits of becoming a Moccasin Manager™

  • A higher awareness of my own behaviour and the impact it has on others
  • An understanding of why I have to get to know everyone far better
  • The ability to engage with people in a far more effective way
  • The ability to build high performing teams
  • Improved working relationships and the smoother working from them
  • The ability to facilitate feedback rather than give it

How many people in an organisation need to go through your Moccasin Approach® programme to ensure performance change in the workplace from everyone?

That is almost impossible to answer as we need to understand how the organisation operates first. For example, we need to know:

  • who (managers, leaders, team leaders) are completing the programme?
  • how much is the organisation bought into this development?
  • is there a top down approach (do the hierarchy understand and support it)?
  • will the organisation implement all that is required to ensure success?
  • how is the organisation planning to measure the implementation?

What are the best outcomes an organisation investing in the Moccasin Approach can expect?

Again, this is very much up to the organisation in how they embed and monitor/assess the expected behaviours of their people, and most importantly, hold everyone to account to ensure the changes.

Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Do all your solutions have Emotional Intelligence underpinning them?

Yes, pretty much. We believe that the fundamental need in humans is to create healthy, open and honest relationships. EI helps us do this and helps us maintain and build on them.

We believe that even things like Managing our Day (Time Management), and Career Development (Performance Management) need EI threaded through them.

What convinces you that EI is key to organisational communication?

Mostly our own experiences, talking to delegates, clients and participants. Hearing those in-house anecdotes of how things worked or didn’t work. The discussions around effective and high performing teams. All of these led us to discover and understand how humans need to operate to be successful, but the reality is that we seldom actually operate in that way! Why, because we are conditioned not to through our early and formative years growing up and in the workplace. Saying things as they really feel or are is often seen as unacceptable, rebellious or even rude!

Mac also completed his master’s degree (July 2019) on “The Impacts of Emotional Intelligence on Leadership and Management”. The results from that we conclusive that relationships improved dramatically which led to improved outputs and performance.    

What is the Phoenix Effect of culture change that you advocate?

Like the mythical bird, we believe to achieve new and improved culture, the old and outdated one must be burnt away to create the light and space for the new and improved culture to grow.

It is not something that can be achieved quickly as it takes careful planning, investment of time and resources and unless it is well managed it will not work as well as it can.

The organisation must put in place new processes which we help create or edit existing ones. It will probably need to change the Performance Management processes to utilise the EI based facilitative approach we promote.

Finally, it MUST introduce a theme of accountability and responsibility by monitoring and assessing the underpinning behaviours expected from the organisational values.

Train the Trainer (TTT)

How do we decide which Train the Trainer course to have our people attend?

In brief it depends on what their role is and what experience they have.

In their role is one of an occasional trainer, so not their full-time role, we have a 2-day “Occasional Trainer” course.

If this is to become their full-time role and they have little to no experience, we recommend the 5-day course.

For full time experienced trainers (minimum 12 months delivery experience), we have a 3-day Moccasin Trainer course. (Usually too fast paced for beginners).

All options have elements of EI within them.

What does your Train the Trainer course include?

We include:

  • Writing Task Based objectives (found to be far easier than SMART)
  • How to structure a training session
  • Engagement, motivation and participation techniques
  • The three times of learning approach
  • The various approaches of monitoring and assessing
  • The art of questioning (6 techniques and when/when not to use them)
  • Planning and preparing the training session
  • Measuring the training session
  • “Facilitating” feedback (not giving it)


Are your solutions available online?

We have what we describe as Web Solutions as they are facilitated live with the attendees interacting so they are fully engaged, or blended solutions for that magic mix. 

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