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Charitable Season Ticket Opportunity 

LaPD Solutions Ltd is supporting the Forces Literary Organisation Worldwide (FLOW) with its 2020 fundraising target of £150,000 by promising part of their annual Season Tickets income.

Season Ticket Pricing

There “were” just over 250 working days in 2020 in the UK until Covid-19 disrupted us all.

LaPD Solutions is still committed to allocating as many days as possible to this Fundraising Programme for FLOW.

If you wish to discuss how you can gain high quality, professional development opportunities for your organisation, please contact us.

Please note – all Season Ticket fees are payable in advance so that FLOW can receive the funds as soon as possible.

All of the below can be used for topics of your choice, including one to one coaching plans.

 Our usual Day Rate is £1,800 – Please see the superb reductions you can achieve through our Season Ticket options below

4, 8 & 12 day season tickets are valid for 12 months. 16 & 20 day season tickets are valid for 18 months.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best outcomes an organisation investing in the Moccasin Approach can expect?

Again, this is very much up to the organisation in how they embed and monitor/assess the expected behaviours of their people and most importantly, hold everyone to account to ensure the changes.

Do all your solutions have Emotional Intelligence underpinning them?

Yes, pretty much. We believe that the fundamental need in humans is to create healthy, open and honest relationships. EI helps us do this and helps us maintain and build on them.

Are your solutions available online?

We have what we describe as Web Solutions as they are facilitated live with the attendees interacting so they are fully engaged. 

What are the key benefits of becoming a Moccasin Manager?

  • A higher awareness of my own behaviour and the impact it has on others
  • An understanding of why I have to get to know everyone far better
  • The ability to engage with people in a far more effective way
  • The ability to build high performing teams
  • Improved working relationships and the smoother working from them
  • The ability to facilitate feedback rather than give it

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