Confirm Humanity

How far have we drifted from that caring, empathetic and considerate human? What have we given up in the chase for glory, success and company recognition?

Leadership Surfing Test

Do some leaders believe that they are popular and help up by their people and peers?

If you are a leader or manager, take the surf test in your head and see what you truly believe.

If we doubt what we think, perhaps it’s time for some leadership and management development.

Remote Office Pairing for Engagement

This article emerged due to the COVID-19 pandemic when the UK went into lockdown.
I became increasingly alarmed at the attitude to move our world online and the lack of understanding around the human issues of needing contact. People need people!

The EI Tree

Our EI Tree is a snapshot of how we believe an organisation should be working as a living breathing communally supportive organism.

We must embrace difference, openness and invite challenge in all we do. “That” will give us innovation and far reaching positive change.

The Enigma of Organisational Culture

This article was written primarily out of frustration and to help people (especially leaders and senior managers) understand how and why we push our people into silence and discomfort by our belief in what we do.

Emotional Security & Emotional Safety

This is in answer to many of the issues of the modern day organisation. Our main point is that if we do not allow actively encourage our people to say exactly what they want to say (politely and respectfully), then we lose out so badly.

Do or Die?

This article was written after discussions with leaders and managers about whether to pause training programmes and consolidate for the rest of the year, or to boost development for their people post the lockdown. Don’t lose your best people!

Moccasin Approach

The Moccasin Approach is all about how we communicate with anyone regardless of who they are, what they do or the hierarchical structure.
It’s about how we must see things and also, where possible, feel things from the perspective of others first.