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A little about LaPD

LaPD ‍solutions ‍is ‍committed ‍to ‍helping ‍organisations, ‍large, ‍small, ‍public ‍or ‍private, ‍to ‍develop ‍their ‍people ‍so ‍they ‍can ‍perform ‍to ‍their ‍best ‍and ‍feel ‍valued. ‍Our ‍belief ‍is ‍that ‍the ‍relationship ‍between ‍an ‍organisation ‍and ‍its ‍people, ‍is ‍that ‍of ‍a ‍virtuous ‍circle. ‍If ‍the ‍organisation ‍invests ‍the ‍time ‍and ‍money ‍to ‍develop ‍their ‍people, ‍we ‍ensure ‍the ‍organisation ‍sees ‍the ‍performance ‍change.

‍We ‍believe ‍in ‍high ‍quality, ‍measured, ‍engaging ‍and ‍enjoyable ‍training ‍events, ‍where ‍everyone ‍joins ‍in ‍to ‍make ‍the ‍learning ‍environment ‍a ‍social ‍chat ‍style ‍event.

‍We ‍are ‍a ‍team ‍of ‍independent ‍consultants ‍who ‍are ‍passionate ‍about ‍all ‍they ‍do ‍in ‍the ‍world ‍of ‍learning, ‍development ‍and ‍performance. ‍We ‍believe ‍this ‍means ‍your ‍people ‍gaining ‍the ‍skills, ‍knowledge ‍& ‍understanding ‍their ‍roles ‍require, ‍enabling ‍them ‍to ‍perform ‍to ‍the ‍best ‍of ‍their ‍ability.

Our Approach to Business 

When we send you a quote for work, we say it is “all inclusive”, we mean just that. The price we quote includes any development, materials, delivery/facilitation and all expenses including travel, accommodation as necessary (plus VAT). So when we quote “X” you pay “X”, it’s that simple.

We guarantee our services. Again we like to keep things simple. If you are not happy with something, then neither are we. You tell us what went wrong, we investigate it, we get straight back to you and between us, we put it right. Our reputation is perfect so far and we aim to keep it that way. The great word of mouth referrals that we receive, is the best marketing we could wish for!

We have worked with the likes of…

  • Lloyds Banking Group
  • Rolls-Royce
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Centrica
  • Ricoh
  • Transport for London
  • Motorola
  • BAE Systems
  • NHS
  • SCS
  • And many more others…
Mac Macdonald

Mac Macdonald

I am passionate about how we manage our most precious assets, our people. I have been fascinated by people and how to get the best from them since the early 80’s. My specialities include Emotional Intelligence (EI) based Leadership and Management programmes and how EI can have a huge impact on organisational communication and their business success. 

I have recently graduated from Middlesex University with a master’s degree in EI based Leadership and Management. My research gave me a great insight into how EI helps organisations get the best from their people by forming High Performing Teams. 

I have been most fortunate to work with many wonderful organisations as shown above, and I have learned that regardless of size, our people are the drivers of our success.  The irony is that the very thing that prevents organisational efficiency and effectiveness, is people!

Tony Moss

Tony Moss

Hello, I have been involved in various roles over a continuously developing career including mechanical engineering, CAD/CAM, Value Added Reseller support, IT training, quality management and business process development. I have a range of experience and expertise to bring to the table, as a trainer, facilitator and business and standards (ISO9001& ISO27001) consultant. I currently work with a number of learning and development orientated organisations.

I provide standards accreditation to both internal training departments and external training providers, process development and documentation, business consultancy and performance skills facilitation.

Gary Clayburn

Gary Clayburn

Hi there. With over 35 years in the area of learning and development, I offer a broad range of learning strategies to utilise whilst delivering and designing training events. Providing a learning outcome that can include; identification of skills/knowledge needs, design of a solution, delivery and evaluation of the desired outcome. My experience includes training for both public and private sectors within various environments including trainer/facilitator-led classroom, online or work based locations. Recent deliveries include Communication Skills, Design and Development, Learner Engagement,

Presentation Skills and the AET and CET Qualifications. With a passionate and enthusiastic approach to learning that has proven to be very suitable for a varied client base that includes Management, L&D professionals, Subject matter experts, Trainers and organisational staff. I look forward to meeting you. 

Glenn Evans

Glenn Evans

Hello! For 28 years of my life, I served in the British Army in a Cavalry Regiment (Tanks). This allowed me to deliver training all over the world but most importantly it allowed me to completely develop my training/teaching skills. I am now qualified to deliver a range of topics which include Health & Safety, Medication, Food Safety in Catering, First Aid in the Workplace, Paediatric First Aid and the use of Defibrillators. 

I have a real passion for training trainers and passing on my years of knowledge and tips which I do through courses such as AET & CET. I am currently a freelance trainer working in the Emirates designing and training with organisations.

Sarah Edwards

Sarah Edwards

Hi, I’m Sarah and I’ve been training in both the Corporate and Charity sectors for nearly 20 years. I specialise in Train the Trainer courses, Soft skills and coaching. I regularly deliver and assess AET, CET and TPMA courses and really enjoy watching and helping trainers to grow and develop to their full potential.  I also run workshops training and accrediting Assessors. I am an NLP practitioner and Belbin Accredited.

Debbie Sawyer

Debbie Sawyer

Hello, I’m Debbie. I have 20 years+ experience as an IT Trainer & Consultant, which includes 10 years running a Gold Standard Accredited external Training Provider business as Training Manager and Senior Trainer.  TAP certified and a Certified TPMA Assessor, I passionately believe all training solutions should be structured and delivered in a professional manner.  

Having 15+ years as an ITIL consultant working with Service Desks and Service Desk Solutions, I enjoy processes and workflows, both creating and training them.  

I have recently been an accreditation consultant and really enjoy meeting trainers and training managers, learning about their processes and functions and helping them see where improvements could help them develop.  

Finally, I am completely committed to and passionate about standards, helping you to achieve and maintain the highest possible standards, within all service departments, to make you stand out as an excellent organisation.

Moccasin Approach™

Designed ‍to ‍either ‍greatly ‍improve ‍the existing organisational ‍culture, ‍or ‍create ‍a ‍new superb ‍organisational ‍culture ‍regardless ‍of ‍role ‍or ‍hierarchical ‍position. 

Moccasin Manager™

A Moccasin Manager will manage their colleagues feelings, show empathy, they will respect their viewpoint and beliefs, but they will also be able to contextualise it to the given situation. 

Course Offers

There are 5 Season Tickets options for courses & workshops. These offer up to a 39% saving compared to booking courses individually.

This was a particularly useful day with great real life examples, wonderful discussions, creative activities which didn't put us under pressure or feel silly, and time for our own issues too. A really well delivered day so a big thanks to you both.

Birmingham Library

This course has completely changed how we plan and deliver our IT training. It has become far easier and so much more enjoyable for us and our learners. A really eye opening 3 days and a superb course.

Grampian NHS

The course was extremely useful and that surprised me. I have been training for nearly 13 years and I took on loads of excellent tips and tricks. The most notable aspect was that it was like 3 days of discussion rather than training, superb!

University College London

Mac displays great integrity in all aspects of his work - he adapts to his audience, he shares his experiences and is fair and honest when dealing with his customer. He is very personable and establishes trust very quickly. I'd happily work with Mac again.

Anna Freyne - L & D Delivery Manager at First Direct

A superb trainer with outstanding people skills. The course flowed beautifully with a professional and captivating style, spot on

Oxford University

We all turned up thinking this would be just another of those days, but this was really different. A really wonderful surprise to find someone knew how to help us by discussing our own issues at work and help us all solve each others problems and have ideas to take back and have a go at. We all loved the collation activity, a real ROI buster!

Paul and the team - SCS

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