Our Workshop and Course Solutions

Our most popular solutions are listed below and include full courses of varying duration, workshops, live online options and one to one coaching events.

Mac Macdonald specialises in Leadership and Management sessions for graduate and apprentice development. He offers highly interactive and engaging sessions helping them to realise how to engage and influence not just their colleagues but also senior stakeholders.

Organisational Performance Development - A rolling programme of development.

Organisations can have the best processes, the best people, the best of everything and yet still not perform to their best. The question is, “why does this happen so often”?

More often than not, it is about “how” those people work together, or should I say don’t! It’s about the culture of an organisation, and that is something often very deep rooted.

To change a culture and move people from defensive, negative or even sabotage tendencies, to a more positive, sharing and collaborative approach, we need to identify what your organisation sees as “Core Values”. Then we need to clarify what behaviours the organisation expects to see from their people when they live by those values and see what is required to bring that about.  

If you wish to experience such changes, ask us in for a chat over a coffee, share your thoughts with us, and we’ll explain how we go about developing your organisational culture into a thriving, driven engine that will generate new positive and success driven change.

Our Organisational Performance Development programme is the “phoenix effect” your company requires, bringing a metamorphosis to the culture and a performance improvement ROI to be celebrated. 



Leadership and Me - 1 day workshop or 2 day course.  

In our Leadership and Me solution, we discuss what a leader is and recognise why anyone can lead, regardless of their role or position. In fact, we go further and suggest that organisations promote this thinking to help prepare anyone to lead at any time.

We also look at what makes a great leader and establish that we are NOT looking to make everyone lead in the same way, in fact, we suggest they definitely don’t!  Our opinion, is that each of us is different, that makes us who we are. During this event (1 or 2 day), we focus on “you” and the kind of leader “you” should be, not the type a book or anyone else says you should be.

Finally, Leadership is all about recipes, so bring your own cook book with you, let’s discuss the ingredients, and in terms of Leadership, let’s bake something really good and effective.



The Moccasin Manager - 1 day workshop or a 2 or 3 day course.

Just how do we get all the pieces of our working world to fit together?

“Never criticise a man until you've walked a mile in his moccasins.” There is great debate about whether this is the original quote or where it came from, but we just like the concept and believe it fits well with our thinking on Management.

The Moccasin Manager course is focussed on a manager having a good amount of Emotional Intelligence (EI). We believe that a great manager will always consider things from the eyes of others to see and feel how it may be for them. In EI, we talk about Social Awareness and being a Moccasin Manager epitomises this.

We will look at all aspects of how to manage our people, but also how we can manage upwards too. Come along and try on our Moccasins. We believe they will fit just fine.



LaPD Certified Trainer - 3 or 5 day course - (All attendees will receive a video recording of their final sessions to guide further development).

Our Train the Trainer course includes the difference between Facilitating Learning and Presenting Learning, the pitfalls of the Sat Nav trainer, logical Session Structure, 6 Question Techniques (when to and when not to use them), Engaging Learners using “Discovery Learning”, effective Monitoring and Measuring of the Learning through well formed Objectives.



LaPD Certified Occasional Trainer - 2 day course.

This course helps those who deliver training occasionally (Induction training, coaching etc) to plan, structure and deliver an interactive training session. It still covers Structure, how to engage our learners but clearly in much less detail compared to the Certified LAPD Trainer 3 day course.

This course provides the basic requirements to deliver effectively and professionally.



LaPD Certified Coach - 2 day course.

This course helps those who offer classroom, workplace (including ad hoc) coaching to help improve existing skills, knowledge, understanding and to update such skills after change.  

The first day discusses how to plan, structure, deliver and evaluate a coaching interaction and the second day sees attendees delivering an informal coaching session to a fellow attendee.

The coaching technique is modelled on the same interactive methodology used in the LaPD Certified Trainer course.



Emotional Intelligence and Me (EI) - 1 day introductory course, or a 2 day course with paired scenario work.

EI has eventually gained momentum in the UK. Many US organisations adopted it early and reaped the rewards.

At LAPD we believe EI to be the foundation to effective and efficient communication. We also believe communication is the foundation of excellent managers and leaders. “That” is how important we believe EI is!

Help your organisation use 360° communication techniques. Help your people communicate openly and honestly to ensure the best output and productivity possible. Improve team and inter departmental collaboration.



Focus Day - 1 day workshop.

A one day event with teams which could be senior leaders or managers, middle managers etc. The day is designed to see how well the organisation communicates and works efficiently. It identifies areas which are not going as well as they could and we get you to work together to leave with various thoughts, ideas and plans to improve things over the months.

30 days later a collated email is sent to all showing just what has been achieved and a 60 day wash up is an optional bolt on to see what has been done, what has worked well, what hasn’t worked so well, how to address that, what else came from the day and any follow on thoughts and ideas.  



“Interactive” Presentation Skills (IPS) - 1 day workshop or 2 day course.

Most people can stand and deliver a decent presentation, but few enjoy the experience. Most can talk through slides with at least some confidence. As odd as it sounds we just literally “present”! This workshop looks at the overlooked skills we need to truly engage our audiences.

It ensures we get them to buy into the key points, get them to prove what we are saying and get them to prove that our message is just what they need and want.



Learning Centre Support Specialist - 3 day course.

For anyone working in a Learn Direct type of environment, where students pop in and out ideally working independently, but occasionally require support with their learning.

This course looks at how best to monitor and support students, how to use questions to help them learn and how best to manage various types of people and their sometimes “challenging” behaviour.



Building & Maintaining Teams – 1 day workshop or 2 day course.

A good team is a blessing, but a truly GREAT team is the foundation of success in many ways. How a team operates creates success, or that other word we tend to avoid…. failure! It does not mean that a poorly functioning team has no success at all, but a fully functioning team will eat up challenge, produce incredible outputs and help meet organisational objectives. Sadly they are all too rare and there is no good reason for this. We have a cure!

In this course we focus on communication, people, how we truly are with each other and yes, you guessed it, Emotional Intelligence.



Communicating Effectively – 1 day workshop.

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

George Bernard Shaw

We communicate every day but, how we usually communicate is filled with errors and far too many misunderstandings. An organisation lives by its communication. Person to person, team to team and 360 open and honest communication. Does your organisation manage this?

This day is not just about what we say but also about how we say it.

We will look at how we come across to others, how to communicate clearly and effectively. Not forgetting, how to make our communication efficient too.



Managing My Day – 1 day workshop.

“Where does the time go?” & “I just haven’t got the time” or “Too much work, not enough time” and so on…

We have all been there and these days it seems we are there again all too quickly. So why is this? Is it that we are not managing our time effectively or can there just be too much to do? This is what we discuss and we analyse what we do and how we do it. We look at various tools to help us manage our day and to pass on to our colleagues/team so they too can be more efficient and therefore effective.

Come along and see what it’s all about (if you have the time)



Managing Performance - 1 day workshop.

How our people perform is of the utmost importance to our organisation, us as managers and leaders and to their own colleagues. To that end we must ensure all we can do is done to ensure the best performance possible. This is not a simple matter and involves many aspects of communication, motivation, “facilitating” feedback and a fair and open process.

Join us to collaborate, discuss and challenge each other on how to manage the performance of our people in a fair, effective and efficient way.



Managing Meetings - 1 day workshop.

Meetings are one of the most expensive things we have in business. For some reason, organisations have many MANY meetings and the value of them is reportedly low. There are usually very simple reasons behind this and this workshop analyses how we run them, why what we do is often counter productive, and why so many people complain about all the meetings they attend.

Our workshop will make you think very differently about how a meeting should be planned, structured, chaired, minuted and reported on.

If you want a superbly effective meeting, which gives results each time… come to this one.



Public Speaking and Broadcasting Delivery – 1 day workshop or 2 day course.

Addressing a number areas of interest, for people who are expected to be professional, word perfect and “the expert”. This can cause a lot of nerves, self doubts and even panic. If you believe that is because you are just not cut out for this type of work, this is not so.

We have taken people who describe themselves as nervous wrecks and helped them turn themselves into competent public speakers or media broadcasters. Once you have an understanding of how you need to come across, you’ll realise, it is all attainable and can even be fun.

We will look at body language, tone, pace, positioning, unconscious and conscious messaging and some thoughts on what works and what doesn’t for you personally.